Seattle Lite



When you love beer, you want to drink more of it. And Seattle-Lite Brewing Co. is here to help. Opened in South Park in 2018, this neighborhood hub pours local and house-brewed beer—all 5% ABV or less. Owners and childhood friends, Dan Martinez and Seiky Huerta saw the trend toward IIPAs and other full-bodied, specialty ales, but decided to zig while the industry zagged.


They knew they couldn’t be the only ones with a love of light beer, and a yen for more than mass-produced (read: tasteless) lagers and Pilsners. So they set out to create a tap lineup of their dreams. Low-alcohol IPAs and Pales brewed for drinking more and hanging out longer. Refreshing, crisp and crushable—all day long.

Seiky Huerta


Seiky Huerta developed an affinity for local beer, specifically IPA or pale ales, when he moved from Mount Vernon, Washington to the thriving beer culture of Seattle.


He prefers lighter beers because they’re crisp, delicious, and easy-drinking for any occasion. Identifying that others in the Seattle community felt the same, the idea for Seattle Lite Brewing was born.

Dan Martinez


Dan grew up in Mount Vernon, Washington and eventually moved to Seattle where he developed a love and respect for the great craft beers and breweries within the city. 

As Seattle Lite Brewing grows, Dan finds inspiration from the people of South Park. He’s been fortunate to cultivate a community filled with good friends and neighbors who support hometown products and local small businesses.